In what way do you use Membership Plus contributions?

As an all-volunteer organization, we have a very lean budget, with expense obligations that are critical to our continued operation. Among them: our membership database platform; our grant application and review platform; our fees as a charitable organization in two states plus the District of Columbia; insurance; and the like.

Your $1,000 donation goes in full to the pool of money for the grant. Therefore, we rely upon and are tremendously grateful for those additional 10% donations as well as donations from Impact Friends and Partners.

What if I am unable to contribute $1,000 at this time? Can I combine my membership with friends?

Yes! Shared memberships can have 2 Members. Only one vote is allowed between those two members at the Annual Meeting and at the committee level, where they can serve on the same committee and receive one vote between them. Individuals in a shared membership may not serve on the Board of Directors or serve as a Committee Chair. For more information and a Shared Membership Application Form, click here.

Can I purchase multiple memberships and receive more votes?

No, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. But you can prepay your membership for subsequent years and/or you can sponsor others to join Impact100 DC.

Are opportunities available for individuals to support Impact DC without becoming a member?

We welcome “Friends of Impact100 DC” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us with our annual expenses through monetary donations or in-kind service donations. Our costs are held to a minimum as much as possible since we are an all-volunteer organization.

Can I volunteer my time on a committee if I am not an Impact100 DC member?

No. Volunteers are required to be Impact100 DC members.

Can my company pay for my membership?

Yes, your company can pay for your membership.

Are donations to Impact100 DC tax-deductible?

Yes! Impact100 DC is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Is there an option for women who wish to join and play an active role in Impact DC but who currently lack the funds to join?

Yes. Impact100 DC has created a Fellowship Program which is funded through the Friends of Impact program. For more information and an online application form, please click here.