Impact100 DC is an all-volunteer organization. Fulfillment of our mission is only possible through the support of volunteers, our members, and sponsorships by local businesses. We rely on our corporate sponsors to defray the cost of our operations and to help us diversify our membership by sponsoring employees for membership. In return, they gain visibility and exposure to a diverse group of philanthropic and committed women, opportunities to engage meaningfully in the nonprofit community, and learning opportunities for employees as they engage in the process of grantmaking and network with other Impact DC members. 

In our inaugural year, we raised over $103,000 which we will use to give a transformational grant to one local nonprofit organization working to effect change. Impact100 chapters throughout the US and beyond have collectively given over $80 million to nonprofits. Your commitment and dollars will help us grow our community of diverse women philanthropists and enable us to increase the number of transformational $100,000 grants we are able to give each year.