Focus Area Committees

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The Focus Area Committee (FAC) is at the heart of organization and what sets Impact100 DC apart from other philanthropic organizations. This is where our members connect with area nonprofit organizations’ specific ideas for addressing community needs. This is where we decide: What program or project will make the most profound impact with our grant funds?  

Impact100 DC members may volunteer on any one of the five committees: Family, Education, Health and Welfare, Arts and Culture, and Environment. In addition, volunteers with a background in finance may join the Finance Committee, which does a “deep dive” analysis of an organization’s financial statements and long term viability following the initial round of grant screening.

To begin, the content committee participants will read applications and rank them based on criteria that prioritizes our mission and values. The process will whittle down the number of applicants for a second round of deliberations, which will include the detailed numbers work of the Finance Committee. In the third round, committee members will participate in site visits for the remaining, most viable applicants. FACs will then reconvene a last time to choose a finalist.

Over the summer, our communications and marketing teams will work alongside these finalists to publicize their important work. Also, each finalist organization will prepare and present a summary of their proposed project to the full Impact100 DC membership. The vote for the 2021 grantee will take place at the Annual Meeting in September of 2021.

Conflict of Interest – Fair and balanced consideration of each grant application is of paramount importance. All members sign disclosure and conflict of interest forms prior to starting the grant review process to guarantee impartiality. 

Grant Review Resources

For more resources around our grant review process and our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion information, click resources below.

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