Focus Area Committees

The Focus Area Committee (FAC) is at the heart of organization and what sets Impact100 DC apart from other philanthropic organizations. Our members review grant applications and our members decide.

Impact100 DC members may volunteer on any one of the five committees: Family, Education, Health and Welfare, Arts and Culture, and Environment. During the grant review period (TBD) FAC’s meet weekly and are led by a Chair or Co-Chair. All committee members are expected to read each nonprofit application and perform independent research on the organization. Committee members perform site visits and report findings. At the conclusion of this work, the committee chooses a finalist for their focus area. Finalists from each committee give a brief presentation at the Annual Meeting, and all members vote.

Conflict of Interest – Fair and balanced consideration of each grant application is of paramount importance. All members will be required to sign a Disclosure Form. A member who has a financial interest in or exercises substantial influence over an applicant will be asked to serve on a different committee.