Our Commitment to the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


We are committed to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion and embedding those values in all aspects of our organization and decision-making. We are committed to creating and sustaining board and membership diversity so that Impact100 DC as an organization has the ability to analyze problems and solutions from a myriad of perspectives and lived experiences. We seek to create opportunities for members to come together and learn from each other, and to build meaningful relationships with the nonprofit organizations we support with our grants.

We are committed to educating ourselves and being conversant about the root causes and consequences of institutional inequity within systems of power, (such as places of employment, government agencies and social services).  Unconscious bias exists, and it privileges some and disadvantages others. We believe it’s important for our members to know and understand this.

We are committed to grantmaking through an equity lens as an intentional way of distributing philanthropic support to programs that make life fairer for the people who have suffered as a result of systemic inequity and disadvantage. Equally important, we believe it is imperative to support efforts to reshape the institutions built upon privilege and power that continue to produce wildly disparate outcomes for certain groups within our community.

This approach to grantmaking and membership is one of the most important ways we can follow through on our mission and vision.