Volunteer Opportunities

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Impact100 model is that members design their own experiences within this all-volunteer organization. You can simply cast your vote at the annual meeting. Or you can volunteer your time and expertise in a myriad of ways. The list below is not an exhaustive one. If you would like to volunteer in any way, simply contact membership@impact100dc.org.

Help us grow!
Educating others about Impact100 DC and our mission is a year-round task and members are our best ambassadors! Invite us to come speak or do a Q and A at your book club, or mom’s group or a neighborhood get-together. Forward our monthly newsletter to friends and colleagues. Communicate our message through social media. We are only as powerful as the women who join us – you can help us reach those women who haven’t yet heard of us!

Join a Focus Area Committee
After the membership period concludes and the size of our available grant is announced, join one of our five Focus Area Committees (FACs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact DC. No experience is necessary. We will train you to review and assess grants, which includes making site visits to nonprofits who have applied.

Fundraising Assistance
Help us cultivate donors to support critical operating expenses or sponsor events. 100% of each $1,000 member donation goes to the grant, so we rely on Friends of Impact to keep us operating smoothly and effectively.

Help support those without the financial resources to join
Sponsor a member or support the Impact DC Scholarship program.

Share your professional expertise!
As we progress through the yearly calendar cycle we will need

    1. Accounting and financial expertise as we review financial data on grant applications.
    2. Technological expertise to help manage and evaluate member and grant databases.
    3. Graphic design skills need to create graphics for print and digital advertising, posters, and other outreach materials.
    4. Public relations and communications expertise to assist us in outreach efforts
    5. Creative thinkers for every aspect of our operation – particularly during this very challenging time
    6. Event planning and organizational skills for our two to three big annual events.