Shared Member Requirements
  • Two women may form a Shared Membership.
  • Each Shared Membership is entitled to one vote in all voting procedures, including Focus Area Committee votes and the Final Grant Award vote at the annual meeting.
  • The contribution for a Shared Membership includes a $70 administrative/operational fee ($35 per person).
  • Each member should complete her own form and will receive a tax acknowledgement letter for her records.
  • The Shared Membership is official once both forms have been completed and the total $1,000 + $70 administrative fee has been paid.
Become a Shared Member

Ready to become a shared member?

Click on the links below to complete your membership form and pay your annual contribution.  All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For your convenience, we offer three ways to join – e-Check*, Credit Card or Paper Check.

*e-Check is our preferred payment method