What if my grant request spans one or more of your focus areas?

You must select the one focus area that your request best fits or we will not be able to accept your proposal.

Will you consider requests from small non-profits that are relatively new?

While we encourage all organizations seeking to create transformational change to apply, our due diligence model requires three years of financial records as evidence of financial stability. If you lack this material, but still want to apply, you may want to consider collaborating with another nonprofit that has a proven record.

Can our organization submit more than one application per year?

No, each organization can only submit one application per year.

Can we include brochures, news items, or our Annual Report in the application?

No, we will collect this information only if your organization is offered a site visit.

Will you fund current operating expenses?

No. These grants are intended to be transformational to the organization receiving it, as well as for the beneficiaries of the program or project. Thus we expect proposals to feature either a new project or program that reflects a promising new approach in the field or in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization itself has used in the past, or expansion of an existing, proven project/program that will have a high impact and transformative effect on the organization and the community it serves.

If I have questions during the process, who can I call to discuss my application?

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, we do not provide this service. However, we do host several workshops open to the public before the grant deadline in order to walk prospective applicants through the application and the process.

How should I submit my application?

Applications may be mailed or emailed to us. If emailing, please put all documents in PDF format.

Can I submit an application for less than $100,000?

No, we require you to include a budget that would use the full $100,000.

What is the period of time in which the grant money must be spent?

Grant funds must be spent within a two year period.