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Who we are

We are an all-volunteer women’s philanthropic community dedicated to improving lives in the Greater Washington, DC area by collectively funding transformational grants to local nonprofit organizations.

Our Founding Members are heading into the best part of the year and the real heart of our work: reviewing grant applications, conducting site visits, and performing independent research on nonprofits seeking to make transformational change.

Black Lives Matter

Emotions and tensions have been running high in the DC metro region and across the country recently while we waited for the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial. While the guilty verdict brings some sense of relief that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to justice and accountability for police brutality and systemic racism, we know there is still much work and much grieving to be done. Impact100 DC stands in solidarity with our Black members and Black neighbors. Black lives matter.

The Impact100 Model

At Least 100 Women
Come Together

Each Woman
Donates $1,000

is donated to a
Local Charity